Frequently Asked

Question #1

We're very awkward in front of the camera. What do we do?

Unless you have spent time professionally modeling, you are bound to feel somewhat uncomfortable in front of the camera. I take photos for a living and yet I still get slightly uncomfortable and uneasy when having my photo taken.

While it might feel awkward at first, I can assure you that as the session goes on and you get used to having me photograph and direct you, you'll start to have fun with the shoot. I want you and your significant other to interact with each other as if I am not even there, smile, laugh, and focus on each other. 

Question #2

Where should the engagement session be? What should we wear?

That is all completely up to you! Your location can be somewhere that has meaning to you, somewhere that matches the aesthetic of your wedding, or it can simply just be a place you think is pretty. 

When it comes to your outfit for the engagement shoot, I always recommend wearing something you are comfortable in and feel confident wearing. If you are unsure about how an outfit hugs your body, don't wear it! The more confident you feel during the session, the better the photos will turn out. Make sure the outfit works with your location and that you and your partner are wearing complimenting colors. 

Question #3

How and when will we receive our photos?

Within 24-48 hours of your session, I will email you a link to a digital gallery that contains a sneak peek of some photos from your session. A few weeks after that, typically 4-6 weeks, you'll receive another link to a digital gallery, except this time it will contain all of your photos from the shoot.

The online gallery will have an area where you can download high resolution copies of the photos. There is also a built in store where you can purchase prints, canvases, and more.

Question #4

How many photos do we receive? 

I provide clients with approximately 100 photos for every hour I am shooting with them. So, if we do an hour long engagement session together, you can expect to receive about 100 photographs. If you decide you want to work with me on your wedding day and schedule 9 hours of coverage, you'll receive around 900 photos. 

This is not a firm set in stone rule though. I find myself often giving couples more than 100 photos per hour because I love them all! You can definitely plan on having at least 100 per hour though.

Question #5

Do you have a travel fee?

When it comes to traveling for the engagement shoot, I will go anywhere you'd like, free of any extra charges, within 100 miles round trip of Center City, Philadelphia. Anything over 100 miles round trip will include an extra fee of $1 per mile.

For weddings, I will travel 200 miles round trip from Center City, Philadelphia without adding any additional charges. However, if the location of the wedding is over 200 miles round trip, the couple is to pay an additional $1 per mile and provide me and the second shooter with hotel rooms. 

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