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November 5, 2016

Sam & Jonathan Sunrise Engagement Shoot – Long Beach Island, New Jersey

We had originally decided to do a sunset shoot, but of course come the day of, it rained all day long. Wanting to avoid soggy sand we moved it up and when Sam suggested an early sunrise engagement shoot I got excited! Sunsets are beautiful but sunrises and early morning light are my favorite. Huge props to the both of them for getting up so early, and in the cold!

We shot at Long beach Island, which is a special place for me, growing up I went every summer with my family for fourth of July fireworks, so it was nice being back. We went somewhere I had never been before and was excited to see; the end of the island. The southern most tip of LBI has a long empty stretch of beach and I was really psyched to have such a beautiful large landscape to shoot these two.

The golden light and the love between these two created such a magical shoot, getting up early is so worth it for lighting like this!

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