I am a fine art wedding and engagement photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. I was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia and have spent my life surrounded by the city’s beautiful architecture and rich history. I am so honored that you are taking the time to get to know me and look at my work. I hope to hear from you soon and get the chance to photograph your love story.

Philadelphia wedding photographer & the owner of Kirsten Ann Photography

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Whenever I am stressed, you can find me baking. My two favorite things to bake are milk & cookie bars and raspberry thumbprint cookies. 

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I often have candles burning in my house and a vase full of flowers on my table. I absolutely love the smell of vanilla and my favorite flower is peony.

other things to know ABOUT ME...

Candles + Flowers

My family is everything to me. My sister recently had a little boy named Griffin. If I am not at a wedding, then I am most likely playing with him/taking a million photos of him.



I have an extreme love for traveling and experiencing new places. Two of my favorite cities are Venice and Paris.



My Inspiration + Style

I love capturing authentic and real emotion in every photo that I take. I utilize beautiful, natural light to create dreamy, airy, editorial styled photos. I want my couples to look back at the pictures I capture and be able to relive that specific moment.

One of the most beautiful aspects of relationships is that every single one is different. The unique nature of every couple and every wedding day allows me to still get a rush of excitement and creativity every time I pick up my camera. There is no feeling more powerful to me than that I get when I capture a special and pure moment between people. 

I’ve had a camera in my hand and a love for photography for as long as I can remember. Even at the age of 10, I knew a career in the world of photography was in my future. In my elementary school yearbook, kids talked about how they wanted to be doctors, rockstars, and firefighters when they grew up. I, however, wrote about how I was going to be renowned photographer.

Since my dad took me to practically every Philadelphia Flyers game when I was younger, little me developed a love for sports photography and a desire to become a professional sports photographer. That dream quickly changed when I fell in love with the art and beauty of photographing couples. That passion continued to grow until it blossomed into a career, and I haven’t looked back since. 

How it all began...

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Film Photography

The art and beauty of film photography is something that I have really grown to love and appreciate. It is the style inspiration for all photos taken for Kirsten Ann Photography couples. Although I love using my digital cameras, film captures a scene unlike anything else. Film takes in light and color in such a magnificent way that the photos produced hardly require any editing. It has a way of making every place look dreamy, light, and romantic. While it can be tricky shooting film since you cannot see any of the photos taken until the roll is developed,  it is also a very exciting process. I feel like a young kid on Christmas morning every time I receive my processed film back!

If you are interested in hearing more about film photography or want to incorporate film into a session with me, please let me know!

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