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Read below to learn about the best locations to propose at in Philadelphia from a Philadelphia photographer!

Are you thinking about proposing to your significant other, but aren’t sure where to pop the question? My name is Kirsten and I am a Philadelphia wedding photographer. While working in the wedding industry, I have gotten to see and photograph some of the most beautiful locations around Philadelphia. A wedding proposal is one of the most important and exciting steps in a couple’s relationship. It is the moment that two people agree to get married and spend the rest of their lives together. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want to propose at a place that is equally as special and beautiful as the person you are planning on marrying. Read below to see five locations in Philadelphia that I recommend proposing at!

1. The Promenade and Gazebo at Fairmount Water Works:

Location: Along the Schuylkill River, between Boat House Row and The Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Fee: None
Suggestion: As a Philadelphia wedding and proposal photographer, I have seen how busy this location can be. I recommend not proposing in this location around sunset on a Friday or Saturday. The property the gazebo is on is also a wedding venue. Therefore, wedding photos will most likely be taking place there during sunset.
Perks about this location:
⁃ The Gazebo is towards the side of the property, creating a little bit of privacy.
⁃ It is a stunning location during sunset because the sun sets directly behind the Gazebo. The entire location has a golden glow to it during this time, creating the most romantic setting.
⁃ Since it is directly behind The Philadelphia Museum of Art, you can use going to the museum as a way to get your soon to be fiancé to the area without causing suspicion. Check out the museum’s website to plan a visit.
⁃ Fairmount Water Works has a rich history and there are a lot of beautiful places to take photos together after popping the question!

2. The Rodin Garden:

Location: On the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, next to the Barnes Foundation.
Fee: The garden and surrounding outside areas are free. If you go inside the museum, it is pay what you wish. Check out the Rodin’s website to learn more about visiting the museum.
Suggestion: Take it from a Philadelphia photographer, this is the perfect location to get a breathtaking wide shot while popping the question! If possible, have someone there to photograph the moment from afar. Look below to see a photo of what I mean.
⁃ It has beautiful, clean, white architecture.
⁃ If you go in the summer or spring, there are a lot of flowers.
⁃ There is a beautiful water feature.
⁃ During sunset, there is a beautiful golden glow.
⁃ It isn’t the biggest place, but there are still so many beautiful places to propose at!

3. The Median in front of City Hall:

Location: I encourage you to go to one of the medians in front of The Union League of Philadelphia. It is the perfect distance away from City Hall.
Fee: None
Suggestion: I recommend proposing here in the evening when the sun isn’t at its highest. If you do it when the sun is too high, the top of City Hall could be slightly over exposed looking in photos from the direct sunlight.
⁃ This is such an iconic and cool place to take a photo at in Philadelphia. Hire a Philadelphia photographer to capture the epic moment.
⁃ City Hall is such a beautiful and romantic backdrop.
⁃ After the proposal, you could walk along the bottom of City Hall and get a lot of other amazing photos.
⁃ People often honk and cheer for you during special moments like this while you’re on the median!

4. The Merchant Exchange Building:

Location: The address is 143 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA. It is right near a lot of historical places in Philadelphia, such as the Liberty Bell and Museum of the American Revolution.
Fee: None
Suggestion: It is a very popular spot in Philadelphia for wedding photos because it is so beautiful. Due to this, I would avoid going there on a Friday or Saturday.
⁃ The design and architecture of the building is so stunning.
⁃ It is right next to The First Bank of the United States which is another beautiful spot to utilize for photos.
⁃ There is a park right behind the building where you could go for a romantic picnic before or after the proposal.

5. Longwood Gardens:

Location: Unlike the locations above, it is not located in the heart of Philadelphia. It is located in Kennett Square, about 45 minutes outside of Center City, Philadelphia.
Fee: You must have tickets to enter. It is $30 per person to enter the gardens.
Suggestion: This location is very popular, therefore, I recommend buying tickets on their website ahead of time.
⁃ The property is 1,100 acres and contains magnificent gardens, fountains, and different architecture.
⁃ There is a large conservatory filled with stunning greenery and flowers.
⁃ In the winter, they have amazing light shows.
⁃ During the summer months, they have spectacular fountain shows.
⁃ It is the perfect place to take your significant other to on a date and then pop the question at!

Why should you hire a proposal photographer?

  • The moment will go by so quickly and you’ll appreciate having it photographed. You’ll be able to look back at the photos whenever you want and relive the proposal.
  • You can use the photos to announce your engagement on social media. The photos could also be used for engagement party invitations.
  • Loved ones who weren’t at the proposal will be able to look at the photos and feel as if they were there.
  • It allows you to see what it is like being professionally photographed. Being photographed on your wedding day will be a lot less stressful after having been photographed professionally before.
  • Trust me, your significant other will be happy you hired someone to capture the moment!

Interested in booking a proposal photographer? Check out my website, Kirsten Ann Photography, to see some of my work and send me a message!

Kirsten Ann


  1. Patrick Kelly says:

    Being pretty new to the Philly area so this is so helpful, but now I have such a hard choice to make! The Rodin shots are so pretty…

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