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Being a wedding photographer, there are some things we hear people talk about that make our skin crawl a bit. In fact, there are numerous wedding photography myths we hear time and time again. As it turns out almost every wedding photographer hears the same things. A lot of these things are myths and we’re going to dispel some of them today.

MYTH #1 You shouldn’t hire a photographer unless they’ve worked at your venue

This first wedding photography myth is really frustrating to a photographer who has taken a lot of time to hone in on their craft. A true professional can work anywhere, whether they have been there before or not. We have taken time to make sure we know all the in’s and out’s of our cameras. Knowing how to properly work with light and flash is the most important part of taking stunning photos. Not only that but we also research the venue you’re getting married at ahead of the big day. There are also many photographers, myself included, who show up at least 30 minutes before our arrival time. This is to make sure we can walk the property, get a feel for the layout, and find the best places for your photos. 

MYTH #2 You only need 10-15 minutes for family portraits 

I have been a photographer long enough to know that 10-15 minutes might seem reasonable to other people. However, in the grand scheme of things it’s not really feasible. Yes, you provide a list and in theory it sounds like it should be super quick. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Families like to wander. Grandma has to run to the bathroom really quick, the bar is open and Uncle Pat needs a drink, Cousin Carrie just saw one of her friends and wants to say hi. This leads us to what I like to call a where’s Waldo situation. This is challenging because I don’t know what Grandma, Uncle Pat, or Cousin Carrie looks like. We then have to send out another family member to find them and the process can be pretty time consuming. Once everyone is back they might start talking with another family member and not hear their name called. They might also mosey on up to the photo spot like we’re not on a schedule. Overall, family photos are going to take more time even if you tell everyone to be there. Just trust me on this one.

MYTH #3 Wedding photographers only work on the wedding day 

This wedding photography myth cuts deep and here is why. Think of a wedding as an iceberg, the wedding day itself is the tip of the iceberg. Everyone sees it but it’s the smallest part of this giant block of ice. However, underneath the iceberg is the part of the photography process no one else sees. This involves the calls with couples to go over the wedding day and timelines, putting together the timeline and photo shot lists, culling down thousands of photos to make sure couples get the best ones and the endless hours of editing to make sure you love the photos as much as we do. Overall, the wedding day itself is about 10% of the work we do for each wedding.

MYTH #4 Everything can be photoshopped later on

Photoshop is a wonderful tool for photographers to utilize when needed. However, we cannot recreate a photo that didn’t happen. We can’t recreate the smile on a fathers face as he is walking down the aisle with his little girl, a mother tearfully looking on at a first dance, or a groom lovingly watching his new wife dance the night away with all of their favorite people. While it is possible to face swap, adding these raw emotions that happen in the moment just can’t be duplicated. When a photographer does utilize photoshop it’s usually for a touchup. This in itself can take 5-10 minutes to get perfect. When there are 700-1,000 photos to go through, it can really add up. This adds to the time it will take for a couple to get their photos back. 

MYTH #5 Wedding photography is not worth the investment 

Some people think that the cost of wedding photography is insane and the work isn’t worth the price. Others might have had a bad experience with the wedding photographer at their own wedding or a friend or family member’s wedding. This is why taking the time to research your photographer is really important so that couples know they’re picking the right person for the job. There is also sometimes the “Uncle Bob” situation, this is when a friend or family member owns a camera, is a different kind of photographer, and thinks they have the tools to shoot a couple’s wedding day. This is tough because wedding photography is very different from other aspects of photography, knowing the important shots to get throughout the day, places to stand so we’re not in the way, lighting situations, or when to catch candid moments. A wedding day is fast paced and you want to make sure there is someone who knows the ropes so that you can relax, enjoy your day, and know that you don’t have to worry about making sure your photos are gorgeous and memorable. 

Hopefully this helps more people understand some of the aspects of wedding photography they didn’t know before. A wedding photographer puts their heart and soul into each wedding day and that certainly won’t be changing!

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