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As we get into the spring and summer seasons I want to touch on how to handle rain on your wedding day. A lot of brides check the forecast everyday leading up to their wedding to keep an eye out for those pesky storms and while I love when it all works out this is a list of what I as a photographer will do to help out when it doesn’t all go as planned. 

Clear expectations 

Making a rain plan and having everyone clear on expectations of it ends up raining will help the day run smoothly. I like to ask my couples if they would prefer to be 100% inside, find locations that are outside but mostly covered from the rain, or fully embrace the rain once the ceremony is over and dance around in newly wed bliss. Either way having everyone on the same page is important to keep the day as stress free as possible! 

Clear umbrellas

As a photographer one of the best investments I’ve made besides my cameras of course are clear umbrellas. If I see there is even a possibility of rain on your wedding day I will bring them along in case we need them. I love playing around with them to get the most romantic rainy day shots. 

Indoor photos

Indoor photos might not have been a couples first choice but as a photographer it’s my job to make sure the photos look stunning no matter where they are taken. If it ends up raining I will scope out indoor locations at the venue so that we’re sure to have the photos of your dreams. Sometimes the best photos are the ones you didn’t even plan on having. 

Covered outdoor locations 

Some venues are close to outdoor covered locations. If that’s the case sometimes the best wedding day memories are made packing everyone into cars and driving to those locations. This is always a good option because you can have the ambiance of the outdoors without having to use the clear umbrellas the whole time. 

Be flexible 

If a couple has photos they really wanted to take outside and it’s not supposed to rain until later in the day we can sometimes shift things around to make sure the outdoor photos get taken before the rain or vice versa. Switching photos to the morning is easier for couples who do a first look as usually ceremonies are later in the day. However, I will try to accommodate as best I can as long as you’re willing to be flexible with me. 

Keep a positive attitude 

In my opinion the most important thing about a rainy day wedding is keeping a positive attitude. A lot of couples can let it get to them and it ends up putting a damper on the day. If you go into it with a good mindset and remember that even if it rains you’re still marrying the love of your life you can’t go wrong! 

Overall I understand that a lot of couples don’t look forward to rain on their wedding day. I will leave you with this to try and ease some minds. To some cultures it is a very positive thing to have rain on your wedding day as untying a wet knot is harder than untying a dry one. If you can’t change it you may as well embrace it! 

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